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The Dibbern Fine Bone China collections are created according to centuries-old craftsmanship tradition at the highest level. All Fine Bone China products are handmade in the porcelain factory in Hohenberg, Bavaria, which was founded in 1814 by Carolus Magnus Hutschenreuther and reopened in 1997 by Bernd T. Dibbern.


Traditional craftsmanship combined with aesthetically considered simplicity is the philosophy of the house DIBBERN. We manufacture products with the highest standards of quality. Quality has the highest priority for us. This also applies to the design of our products.


Fine Bone China is the most demanding product in porcelain production, both technically and in terms of craftsmanship. Soft porcelain differs from conventional hard porcelain in that it contains a high proportion of bone ash, which is calcium phosphate. At the same time, it gives the thin-walled porcelain a high degree of transparency, which makes it appear delicate and filigree.


Careful use of natural resources in our factory is firmly anchored in our corporate values. We optimize our raw material productivity by collecting excess raw material and glaze for recovery for the subsequent production cycle.

With the help of a water treatment plant, filtered water is returned to the reutilization cycle.

We exclusively use green electricity, and the waste heat from our kilns is used to heat the entire production facility. The breakage of our porcelain that occurs in the production cycle is put to good use by making it available in a cost neutral way to industry or road construction.


For our products, we use only environmentally friendly & pollutant-free ingredients, which are manufactured according to the applicable EU standards. Our glazes used in the production process are lead and cadmium free, which means we are well below the strict regulations of the California Proposition.